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Client Comments

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The following are comments from clients who have participated in trainings delivered by Roger Ellerton.

We also have detailed testimonials, which can be found at Testimonials.

  • I have been at no other seminar where I have felt so comfortable and at ease which made learning so much easier. No other seminar has ever provided so much nourishment.
  • As I get ready to board the plane back to home, just want to say "thanks and good-bye". A lot of the confusion in my life has been cleared, a sense of peace fills my thoughts as I dream about the future. And boy, the future certainly looks bright!!!
  • My life is completely different from what it was when we last saw each other ... . Before I had no vision, no idea of what success could mean.
    Here's what's up now: The outcome I set for myself with Roger's workshop to achieve in 10 years from then has completely taken me off-guard. It's actually occurred within 10 months! The house I visualized in the woods with a wall of glass has come out of the woodwork completely by chance when I met my new partner four months ago! His house is in the woods in the middle of nowhere with a wall made of glass!!!!!
  • Just came back from a one-day team building exercise. I used to take the day off to avoid attending because I felt voiceless. Well, I told them this time I was taking double air-time for all those days I had missed. I gave and defended my opinions on every topic in an intelligent/constructive way while respecting others. Used a lot of NLP principles. Result: after 4 years of trying, it is the FIRST time we concluded we had made a major step ahead in understanding and respecting each other. The Directors even thanked me for my contribution. Can you imagine!!
  • It was the most extraordinary course I've had the privilege of attending.
  • It was incredible. It made me aware of myself again and what and why things are happening in the organization I work in. It introduced me to concepts in a way I never thought about before; and it put me on a new level of thinking and feeling about myself.
  • You said "life-altering" -- this is an understatement!
  • The program helped me deal with a number of problems relating to how I see other people and relate to them.
  • Invaluable tool for understanding relationships at home and at the office. Wonderful experience. It has allowed me to notice more around me and allowed me to be more open-minded.
  • It's amazing how much everybody else I work with has changed since I took this program!
  • Professional approach with love, caring and a great knowledge of NLP.
  • I realized that only I can change myself.
  • It made me be less judgmental of others' views and opinions.
  • Who'd have thought that change could be this much fun.
  • One of the best experiences of my life! Thank you to all of the trainers for your help.
  • As a result of the training, I learned how to deal with situations where I felt powerless. (from a teenager)
  • I learned how much I was already aware of what is actually going on in my life and that now I have tools and thought processes to begin to make meaningful changes As a result of the training, I have made significant changes in my relationship with my family. Roger and ___ are the best teachers I have ever had. They are noble in their teachings, honest, funny and down to earth, they are so in touch with themselves and with the essence of humanity. If I can bring your enthusiasm and love to my classroom, I will have reached my goal.
  • NLP has changed my life and I have all you to thank for that! (a teenager)
  • I was surprised that once I learned a specific skill, I could see it being used in the presentations and interactions by the trainers.
  • I was surprised by the depth of knowledge and competencies of the facilitators. As a team they work extremely well . Their energy and presence influenced my entire training.
  • I've come to realize that if I want something to change, it's up to me.
  • The NLP team is a fabulous group, as individuals and as a team. Excellent training! Excellent trainers! Modeling excellence. Thank you for a great experience.

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