Books and ebooks by Roger Ellerton

NLP book: Live Your Dreams NLP book: 5 step action plan NLP book: Parents' Handbook NLP book: Win-Win Influence Self-publish your books NLP and Personal Growth Thoughts Volume 1 Book: NLP Techniques Anyone Can Use

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Consulting, Facilitation and Training

If in your organization, you feel the 'cart is before the horse', we can help put things on track.

Putting the cart before the horse

We provide consulting, coaching, facilitation, public speaking and training services in organizational change. If you are a manager and require advice/coaching assistance, someone to design and implement your change project, an extra "pair of hands" to help you through a busy period or you feel the 'cart is before the horse', please contact us at to discuss your needs.

We are members of:

  • Canadian Association of Management Consultants.
  • International Society for Performance Improvement.
  • Canadian Association of NLP (Former member of the Executive Committee).
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Make a Difference in Your Life -- Health, Relationships, Career -- Improve Your Communication Skills, Have Greater Self-Confidence ...

NLP is one of the best, if not the best, models for understanding human communication, with proven techniques and processes to help you address what is holding you back.