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Free for a Limited Time. NLP and Personal Growth Thoughts: A Series of Articles by Roger Ellerton Volume 1

NLP and Personal Growth Thoughts

Brief Description: This ebook is an eclectic collection of fifteen NLP and personal growth articles that I have written. These articles range from discussing basic NLP concepts to challenging your current way of thinking and how you currently view the world. A companion ebook contains another fifteen articles and a third is planned. Many of these articles appear on my website, As well, some, in whole or in part, have appeared in my previous books or have been published in magazines or newsletters (e.g. NASA's Work/Life Navigator newsletter, The Costco Connection magazine, Tone magazine, Canadian Mortgage Professional magazine, Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine) or internet sites such as: (a web component to the lifestyle television show Positive Living TV, which aired on A-Channel, CityTV and One: The Mind, Body and Spirit Channel in Canada),,,,,, and Most of the articles in this ebook vary from the originals as almost all articles have been updated or been subjected to additional editing.

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