What Does Christmas Mean to Me?

By Roger Ellerton Phd, ISP, CMC, Renewal Technologies Inc.

I am well into the later half of my life. I grew up in a Christian environment, but I am far from a practicing Christian and I fully respect those with different religious views. This morning, seven days before Christmas, I woke up thinking about "What does Christmas mean to me?"

You may well have asked yourself a similar question. Your answer, whatever it may be, is what is true for you. In the big scheme of things, it does not matter whether others support it or deny it.

My thoughts about Christmas went in various directions, but ultimately, I focused on the Christmas story - the birth of Jesus. What does that mean to me at this time of year and this time of my life?

First, it doesn't matter where I was born (stable or penthouse) or what resources (rich or poor) I or my family currently have or had at the time. In the coming year and in my life that follows, with focus and commitment I have the opportunity to make a positive difference in my life and in the lives of others that is meaningful for me.

Just as the Wise Men and others gathered to celebrate Jesus' birth, Christmas is also about families, people and strangers coming together to establish or enhance meaningful connections, while acknowledging and celebrating the past year – accomplishments and how things could have been different.

Finally, Christmas is about giving or sharing resources. These resources may be financial, intellectual, time, insights, etc. How and what I share is my choice. I share not because I have to, not because I should, not because others say I should, not because others will think well of me. Rather I share what I deem appropriate in a way that is healthy for and respectful of me because I choose to do so.

Have a Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year!

Author: Roger Ellerton is a certified management consultant, certified NLP trainer, the founder and managing partner of Renewal Technologies and the author of several books, including Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up: NLP and Common Sense for Coaches, Managers and You.

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