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You're on this planet for a reason: To grow and fully experience life. Discover how to grow yourself, your career, business, your enjoyment of life. On this website, you will find articles, books, videos and programs that will stretch your mind, challenge your thinking, provide insights and suggest possible paths you can take, while providing some fun and excitement along the way. I am pleased you're here. Please take some time to explore what we have to offer. - Roger Ellerton

Effective Ideas and Tools for Work and Home

If you are a parent, coach, manager, salesperson and you are looking for effective ways to communicate with your family, coworkers, clients or even yourself:

  • Explore what's possible with Life/Business Coaching
  • Realize that NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the most effective and easiest to understand and use methodologies/models for intra- and interpersonal communication.
  • Consider the following books and ebooks by Roger Ellerton. Click on the image or the links below to take you to a specific book on your country's Amazon site.

    Read these books and others with a Kindle Unlimited Membership Plan.

    • Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up: NLP and Common Sense for Coaches, Managers and You covers all of the basic NLP material and is a great resource for coaches, managers and those wanting to learn NLP.
    • Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up: 5 Step Action Plan provides a road map for achieving your goals or coaching others to do so.
    • Parents' Handbook: NLP and Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being provides effective ways to improve your communication with your children and your children's communication with you, their teachers and friends. You will also learn how to support your children in school and elsewhere.
    • Win-Win Influence: How to Enhance Your Personal and Business Relationships provides proven processes for you to be the difference that makes the difference in creating better results in your life, career or any place two or more people gather.
    • Self-Publishing Your Book: A Guide for First-Time and DIY Authors shares insights and experiences based on my mistakes and lessons learned while writing and publishing eight books.
    • NLP and Personal Growth Thoughts: A Series of Articles by Roger Ellerton. Volumes 1 and 2 each contain 15 articles. Some articles will educate you on basic NLP concepts, while others will challenge your current way of thinking and how you view the world around you.
    • NLP Techniques Anyone Can Use provides ten typical NLP processes that illustrate the breadth and potential of NLP.

    These books are also available through other fine online book retailers.

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NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Training

NLP training is probably the best gift you can give yourself (providing you participate to the best of your abilities). It will give you tools and techniques you can use as a coach, parent, manager or entrepreneur to help and support others in a caring and respectful manner. And even more important, NLP training will assist you in improving the internal conversations you have with yourself and the conversations you have with others; putting you on a path to address the issues that hold you back, to discover your true potential and to achieve your dreams. Visit this page for more information on NLP.

Thanks to recent advances in technology, you now have two viable alternatives - Classroom or online NLP practitioner and master practitioner training. This page compares classroom and online training.

  • Online NLP training is home study that you can take from anywhere in the world.

    We recommend Life Potential Developments for online practitioner training. Their training is presented in multimedia format (fully compatible with all mobile devices) and is a complete package (e.g. a 120 hour program with 85 presentations and 45 live demonstrations). There are no hidden costs and this program includes a money back guarantee!

  • In a live classroom training, you get to practice techniques with your fellow students, get immediate feedback from qualified instructors and you can ask questions as the material is presented.

    For a live classroom training, we recommend Magenta Coaching Solutions. And that is not all they offer. For example: Motivational Maps, Public Speaking Excellence, Time Line Therapy, Business Applications and much more. Certainly worth your time to visit their site. We have negotiated a special discount for all of their courses, simply use this code RE5OFF2223 in the shopping cart before committing to paying for your course(s).

    Magenta Coaching Solutions also has online NLP Diploma training that you may wish to consider.

If you are already a certified NLP practitioner, then take your NLP knowledge, abilities and achievements to the next level through NLP Master Practitioner Training with either Magenta Coaching Solutions (use the code RE5OFF2223 to receive a discount) or Life Potential Developments.

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Free Articles and Videos

If you are curious about NLP or an experienced practitioner, the following free articles and videos will start you on your journey or add to your knowledge and abilities:

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